Monday, July 9, 2012

Seven lines from Julie Eberhart Painter

From time to time I'll post a few lines from a new or upcoming book. Today it's seven lines from page seven of Medium Rare, by Julie Eberhart Painter. Enjoy!

To be released in December from Champagne Books, MEDIUM RARE the sequel to KILL FEE, Book of the Year 2011, by Julie Eberhart Painter

            Celeste Holler had accumulated a large following since she hung her shingle out in the town of Cassadaga, a Mecca for psychics. Thank goodness no one knew about Preacher Barney's upcoming trip. He was only doing it for his co-workers' own good; he'd check her out, and expose the fraud.
            What a weird place, Cassadaga was. He’d never forget the first time he drove out there to offer his spiritual comfort to his hospice family. Why would anybody go there if they didn't have to? On the other hand, the predictions that she talked about were coming true. He tried not to think about what this Celeste woman might discover about him, but he had to know if she had him figured out.